iPod Touch Jailbreak Apps – Have Them and Love ‘Em!

In order to appreciate the iPod Touch jailbreak apps, you need to have a point of comparison. Of course, the basic features need to be pointed out here so that you can be grateful for the additional and non-Apple approved features and apps that you get.

Be reminded that you need to jailbreak your iPod Touch in order to enjoy thousands of apps.

Jailbreaking in 10 Steps

•              Have iTunes installed.

              Begin iTunes and sync the iPod Touch device to your PC.

•              Download the PwnageTool 4.0 and also the original iOS 4.0 for your version of iPod Touch. Move the files to the desktop for easier access.

•              Choose the PwnageTool and then select your device onscreen.

•              This tool should detect the right firmware for the device.

•              The PwnageTool should now make the custom ipsw file for the iPod device that is about to be jailbroken.

•              You should be seeing the “ihaz Success” screen. This confirms that the ipsw file has been made.

•              As soon as the ipsw file is created, you have to restore the iPod Touch to the custom 4.0 firmware.

•              Click on your device icon at iTunes’ sidebar menu. Press and hold down the Alt button (for Mac) and the Shift button (for Windows). Click on Restore in iTunes then let go of the Shift button. Choose custom ipsw and then click on Open.

•              Sit back and then enjoy the jailbroken device once iTunes does everything for you. There are automated steps to take note of so be patient and cautious at the same time.

Apps to Get Excited About

•              Fring – you can have Google Talk, Skype, AIM, and Yahoo to your device.

•              colloQ – you can now bring Internet Relay Chat or IRC to your iPod Touch.

•              Mobile Twitter – will show you the Twitter timelines and also the direct messages.

•              Twinkle – this is also a Twitter app which offers geo-locating and automatic updates.

•              NES Emulator – play the infamous game Legend of Zelda on your device!

•              iPhysics – you can now create geometric shapes on your touchscreen. With the use of accelerometer, you can bounce them about the screen. There are playable levels like Super Mario Brothers 3.

•              Tap Tap Revolution – if you think that the Guitar Hero game or the Dance Revolution mania is just too much to ignore, then you can just take this game with you everywhere!

•              Tetris – what is a gadget without this classic game?

•              MxTube – this is especially useful with iPod Touch because it will allow the user to download and play videos from YouTube and similar sites.

•              smartRSS – this is an RSS aggregator that is available in both French and English.

•              MobileScrobbler – allows you to view album covers, rate songs, read lyrics and many more for Last.fm even when you are on the go.

•              OrbLive – you can stream images, music, videos, and also live TV when you have a tuner card.

•              Simplify Media – you can use this on your PC and then use this on your iPod Touch in order to log into stream music coming from your computer.

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