iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2.1 Made Easy

With so many advantages, it’s impossible not to long for your own iPod and even to want iPod Touch jailbreak 4.2.1. The launch of iPod Touch paved the way for impossibility to become a huge possibility on the technical world.

Here are some of the major features that iPod boasts of:

•              The battery life for iPod Touch is extremely notable. Apple has definitely improved the battery life for up to 36 hours in audio playback. That’s about 6 hours when used on video games and 3 full-length films in between charges.

•              Yet another wonderful addition to the iPod Touch is the iPod and Nike Rock n Run feature. The uses inserts a sensor in his Nike shoe and then the sensor will communicate to the iPod Touch all data such as track speed, calories burned and distance.

•              Gamers can now integrate iPod App Store where infinite games are just a click away! You don’t have to limit yourself to the game apps that were selected for you by Apple.

These advantages could sound sufficient even for the most technical user but the human mind wasn’t designed to not want more. With each new day, every iPod user will only want more, and more, and definitely more apps to choose from!

With this, it becomes a necessity to jailbreak iPod Touch 4.2.1:

Select the Right Jailbreaking Software

You may choose to visit different sites in order to look for the most reputable jailbreaking software on the Internet. In order to successfully jailbreak your device, make sure that the software is compatible with the OS.

Check the Connection

Now make sure to turn off your iPod and have it connected to the PC with the use of a USB cable.

Launch the File

Next, you must run the executable file and put iPod into the DFU mode. The next few steps need precision and timing so prepare yourself. First, press and hold down the Sleep button for two seconds.

While you are holding this button, you must also press and hold the Home button for about ten seconds. After this, just release the Sleep button but keep pressing the Home button for about ten or fifteen seconds.

Press on Jailbreak: This is the time to press on the Jailbreak button in DFU mode. This means that the device is ready to jailbreak. You are soon to see a boot screen wherein you will just wait while the jailbreaking process goes on. Once the jailbreak is completed, you will observe that the device will restart without getting any commands from you.

The jailbreak process is complete: And the next thing to do is to start enjoying the liberty of having a jailbroken iPod! Just install Cydia and you will soon have access to myriads of cracked apps!

Nothing can be simpler than using this proven software solution, though:

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