iPod Touch Jailbreak Methods – For All The Ipod Owners Out There

Have you ever heard about the different Ipod Touch Jailbreak methods out there?  If not, then you might want to consider reading this article.  In here, I will show you the different benefits of jailbreaking your Ipod, as well as the most efficient methods to make it happen.  So, read on – you may just find something useful here.

The Ipod Touch Jailbreak – Explained

The Ipod is without a doubt, one of the most popular gadgets in the world today.  This device is capable of storing thousands of songs, hundreds of movies, the coolest games and the all the most excellent programs that one can ever get hold of.

However, standard Ipods have a problem – and this is limited freedom.  More often than not, these devices have numerous restrictions set by its creator, Apple, which make downloading and improving them a bit of a hassle.  Fortunately, this issue is easily resolved through jailbreaking.

To give you a clearer picture, jailbreaking means to hack into the IOS of an Ipod in order to lift the Apple-set restrictions – thereby giving its user with the freedom to download all the applications and programs that he wants – and even more.

The Benefits Of Jailbreaking Your Ipod

Here are some additional advantages of having your Ipod jailbroken:

More Apps

As I mentioned earlier, having your Ipod jailbroken will mean more freedom for you, the user.  Jailbreaking will mean that you will have an unbridled access to all the apps that you want to download – whether the one you prefer be allowed by Apple or not.

More Music

There are hundreds of thousands of music that you can get from the Apple store for your enjoyment.  Unfortunately, not all of them may be as affordable as you’d want them to be.  However, by jailbreaking your device, not only will you have more choices to choose from, but this will also mean more beautiful music that you can download for free!

More Games

When it comes to the coolest games – the Ipod has the coolest variety for all.  However, if you want lesser restrictions, then you know what to do – jailbreak your Ipod!  Take note that some of the most popular Ipod games are those which are actually banned by Apple – which means that you will only have a go at them if you jailbreak your Ipod.

More Customization Tools

If you want to give your Ipod a more personal touch, jailbreaking will definitely provide you with this chance.  With a wide array of choices that are available only for jailbroken Ipods – you will be able to get hold of the best tools for customizing your desktop, photos and a host of other programs that will surely satisfy your lust to be different.

More Attachments For Your Device

Standard un-jailbroken Ipods can only recognize a limited number of devices.  However, by jailbreaking your Ipod, it will have the capacity to recognize all the USB and Bluetooth devices that you prefer, such as cameras, keyboards and all other devices that you want.  And of course, if a device is recognized, it will also mean that you can use it to your heart’s content as well.

Ipod Touch Jailbreak Methods – Which Should You Use?

Now, it is a fact that there are numerous jailbreaking methods available all over the world.  However, it is also a fact that not all of these may be as efficient as they claim themselves to be.  Hence, before deciding to use one method – you must make sure to have studied your options first.

Here are some methods that you might want to know:

Manual – Jumper Installation

1.            Purchase an efficient jumper that you can use for your device.  This will consist of a computer chip which costs around $100 to $200, which is usually available in online computer shops or conventional retail outlets.

2.            Using the proper Ipod-opening tools, open your device up.  Remember to do this only with the proper tools in order to prevent any unwanted dents, scratches or damages on your Ipod.

3.            Carefully place the jumper inside your Ipod.  However, you must have the technical skills for this.  Otherwise, there is a big risk that you will only render your Ipod useless – and you do not want that.

4.            Reboot or restart your Ipod.  This will configure the system of your device to make sure that the jailbreak runs smoothly and successfully.

5.            Check if the jailbreak worked by doing some test downloads.  If you are able to download apps that are banned by Apple – then the jailbreak is successful.

Automatic – Computer Software Installation

1.            Download a reliable jailbreaking software from a reputable company.  After the download completes, double click on the zip file to extract the main file.  Afterwards, launch the program.

2.            Plug your Ipod touch to your PC and then turn your device off.  If a message appears, click on the “jailbreak” button.

3.            Put your device into the Device Firmware Update mode or DFU mode.  Press both Sleep and Home button for 10 seconds.  Afterwards, release the Sleep button – but continue to hold Home.  Do this until you are prompted to release the button or until the jailbreak finishes.

4.            During the DFU mode, wait as the jailbreak automatically takes place.  Once the jailbreak finishes, click “Complete”.  Reboot your Ipod for reconfiguration.

5.            In your springboard, a new loader app will appear.  Click on it to launch it.  make sure to select “Install Cydia” and other jailbreak options that you prefer.

6.            After Cydia is installed, you will now be able download all the apps that you want –which means that the jailbreaking is successful.  Congrats!

Ipod Touch Jailbreak – Do It Through A Computer Software

Now, if you want to jailbreak your device and get the most excellent apps that you can get hold of – then why not do it through a computer software?  Through this method, you will be able to jailbreak your Ipod like an expert – with minimal cost to you.

Why don’t you take a look at this software program? Visit: iPod Touch Jailbreak Software

Indeed, with a computer software jailbreaking Ipods need not be complicated at all.

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iPod Touch Jailbreak Apps – Have Them and Love ‘Em!

In order to appreciate the iPod Touch jailbreak apps, you need to have a point of comparison. Of course, the basic features need to be pointed out here so that you can be grateful for the additional and non-Apple approved features and apps that you get.

Be reminded that you need to jailbreak your iPod Touch in order to enjoy thousands of apps.

Jailbreaking in 10 Steps

•              Have iTunes installed.

              Begin iTunes and sync the iPod Touch device to your PC.

•              Download the PwnageTool 4.0 and also the original iOS 4.0 for your version of iPod Touch. Move the files to the desktop for easier access.

•              Choose the PwnageTool and then select your device onscreen.

•              This tool should detect the right firmware for the device.

•              The PwnageTool should now make the custom ipsw file for the iPod device that is about to be jailbroken.

•              You should be seeing the “ihaz Success” screen. This confirms that the ipsw file has been made.

•              As soon as the ipsw file is created, you have to restore the iPod Touch to the custom 4.0 firmware.

•              Click on your device icon at iTunes’ sidebar menu. Press and hold down the Alt button (for Mac) and the Shift button (for Windows). Click on Restore in iTunes then let go of the Shift button. Choose custom ipsw and then click on Open.

•              Sit back and then enjoy the jailbroken device once iTunes does everything for you. There are automated steps to take note of so be patient and cautious at the same time.

Apps to Get Excited About

•              Fring – you can have Google Talk, Skype, AIM, and Yahoo to your device.

•              colloQ – you can now bring Internet Relay Chat or IRC to your iPod Touch.

•              Mobile Twitter – will show you the Twitter timelines and also the direct messages.

•              Twinkle – this is also a Twitter app which offers geo-locating and automatic updates.

•              NES Emulator – play the infamous game Legend of Zelda on your device!

•              iPhysics – you can now create geometric shapes on your touchscreen. With the use of accelerometer, you can bounce them about the screen. There are playable levels like Super Mario Brothers 3.

•              Tap Tap Revolution – if you think that the Guitar Hero game or the Dance Revolution mania is just too much to ignore, then you can just take this game with you everywhere!

•              Tetris – what is a gadget without this classic game?

•              MxTube – this is especially useful with iPod Touch because it will allow the user to download and play videos from YouTube and similar sites.

•              smartRSS – this is an RSS aggregator that is available in both French and English.

•              MobileScrobbler – allows you to view album covers, rate songs, read lyrics and many more for Last.fm even when you are on the go.

•              OrbLive – you can stream images, music, videos, and also live TV when you have a tuner card.

•              Simplify Media – you can use this on your PC and then use this on your iPod Touch in order to log into stream music coming from your computer.

These are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the apps that you can have for your iPod Touch. Download a tool that works much easier than anything you’ve ever known:

You can now customize your iPod Touch into a device that would turn heads. Get rid of installation issues by using the tool that has been trusted by over a hundred thousand users! All you have to do is to download the software solution and then you can begin to download all the apps that you have read here.

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iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2.1 Made Easy

With so many advantages, it’s impossible not to long for your own iPod and even to want iPod Touch jailbreak 4.2.1. The launch of iPod Touch paved the way for impossibility to become a huge possibility on the technical world.

Here are some of the major features that iPod boasts of:

•              The battery life for iPod Touch is extremely notable. Apple has definitely improved the battery life for up to 36 hours in audio playback. That’s about 6 hours when used on video games and 3 full-length films in between charges.

•              Yet another wonderful addition to the iPod Touch is the iPod and Nike Rock n Run feature. The uses inserts a sensor in his Nike shoe and then the sensor will communicate to the iPod Touch all data such as track speed, calories burned and distance.

•              Gamers can now integrate iPod App Store where infinite games are just a click away! You don’t have to limit yourself to the game apps that were selected for you by Apple.

These advantages could sound sufficient even for the most technical user but the human mind wasn’t designed to not want more. With each new day, every iPod user will only want more, and more, and definitely more apps to choose from!

With this, it becomes a necessity to jailbreak iPod Touch 4.2.1:

Select the Right Jailbreaking Software

You may choose to visit different sites in order to look for the most reputable jailbreaking software on the Internet. In order to successfully jailbreak your device, make sure that the software is compatible with the OS.

Check the Connection

Now make sure to turn off your iPod and have it connected to the PC with the use of a USB cable.

Launch the File

Next, you must run the executable file and put iPod into the DFU mode. The next few steps need precision and timing so prepare yourself. First, press and hold down the Sleep button for two seconds.

While you are holding this button, you must also press and hold the Home button for about ten seconds. After this, just release the Sleep button but keep pressing the Home button for about ten or fifteen seconds.

Press on Jailbreak: This is the time to press on the Jailbreak button in DFU mode. This means that the device is ready to jailbreak. You are soon to see a boot screen wherein you will just wait while the jailbreaking process goes on. Once the jailbreak is completed, you will observe that the device will restart without getting any commands from you.

The jailbreak process is complete: And the next thing to do is to start enjoying the liberty of having a jailbroken iPod! Just install Cydia and you will soon have access to myriads of cracked apps!

Nothing can be simpler than using this proven software solution, though:

Look no further for the best unlocking solution because this is it. It has been tested to jailbreak different models of iPod, iPhone and iPad. You are also provided with a step-by-step instruction on how to jailbreak so the chances of committing errors are at a bare minimum. And if you ever become confused, the pre-sales and support staff are there to help 24/7.

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Fundamentals of iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2

Want to know the fundamentals of iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2? Jailbreaks need back-up tools which are programs that aid in the smooth running of a tool.  Without those vital ingredients in jailbreak, the process will just become useless and dysfunctional.  Therefore, before the application of jailbreaks, iTunes and firmware identification must be downloaded and made ready.  iTunes is essential since it is a back-up for all jailbreak troubles.  If ever the jailbreak operations encounter errors, iTunes can restore and bring back everything in its original shape.  Also, iTunes are always downloaded first before starting up with jailbreaks.  Another is the firmware on which a mistake on the version downloaded will ruin the iPod Touch system.  Firmwares can just be simply found in the iPod Touch device’s in the About page after the Settings Menu.  Also, iTunes can help in locating the unit’s firmware.  By plugging on the iTunes, firmware will instantly be disclosed.

Main Intent of iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2

Jailbreaks are not just created without purpose.  Such are crafted by software experts who worked laboriously just to formulate a tool that can intercept Apple’s operating system.  The option of jailbreaking often relies on the iPod Touch user for hackers would just provide the output and explain what are its uses and benefits which are:

•              An iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2 can download several kinds of applications, extensions and themes choices which cannot be found in Apple App Store.

•              A jailbreak iPod Touch installs Cydia which has various software packages and applications, themes, wallpapers, ringtones, performs system modification and customization and several benefits.

•              Allows installation of third party software packages that can make custom applications.

•              Makes old iPod Touch unit to do system upgrades and updates to function like the latest iTouch models.

The Marketed iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2 on Consumers

Oftentimes, iPod Touch consumers follow on the trending of the general public.  If a certain new application is advertised, it always gets on the hands of iPod Touch addicts in seconds.  If a jailbreak is introduced, everybody would also try on them.  From such, what’s offered on iTouch devices becomes a craze just like the following jailbreaks below:

•              Redsn0w  jailbreak– the iPhone Dev Team tool for MAC OS and Windows jailbreak.  It can install Cydia plus the third party apps.  Also, it allows access on various tweaks, homemade applications, root directory and file system.  The tool hijacks the stock firmware of the iTouch device via iTunes and running of payload to jailbreak.

•              JailBreakMe – A product of Comex software expertise allowing installation of unapproved software including Cydia as an alternative App store.  The software locates the flaws of Safari browser in iPod Touch to perform the jailbreak.

Putting Safety First on iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2

Jailbreaks aren’t new to every iPod Touch users.  Some even tried, attempted or really used the tool to see the truth it offers.  However, it warns of its risk from Apple’s losing of warranty and inaccurate application of jailbreak steps.  From such, to safeguard users from opportunistic jailbreaks that are incapable and inefficient, the following steps will guide pro-jailbreakers in accomplishing the fully complete iPod Touch jailbreak 4.2:

Step 1: Make a folder for the download of iTunes and firmware version.

Step 2: Download immediately iTunes and the firmware version desired.

Step 3: Have your iPod Touch device attached to the computer.

Step 4: When a new window comes out on the screen, click the Browse menu on such page to begin the firmware navigation of the tool into the folder.

Step 5: In the upcoming windows opened, wait for the window with Install Cydia stated and mark it with a check including those application desired to be installed such as verbose boot, wallpapers and more.

Step 6: Then put your iPod Touch gadget in DFU condition:

  •     Press the gadget’s Power button for 3 seconds
  •     Press the Power button now including the Home menu for more than 10 seconds
  •     Halt pressing the Power menu but not the Home button

Step 7: The iPod Touch will signal a jailbreak status by restarting its system automatically

Security Crash with iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.2

Do you want to experience the thrill of intercepting security system?  Then try jailbreaking and access the operations of Apple Inc.

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The program will help iPod Touch user learn how to hijack and invade secured application and unlock outside software packages.

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iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.1 – Here’s How To Successfully Do It

Would you like to be able to do more with your iPod Touch on iOS 4.1 and do ipod touch jailbreak 4.1? I’m sure you do and the best way to achieve that is to jailbreak it. If you search the internet and google iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.1, you’ll get a lot of results. That’s because jailbreaking is becoming more and more popular and so many jailbreak programs has already emerged. Here’s a few things to consider when you jailbreak your device.

Some Jailbreak Pointers

Jailbreaking works for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch units. It also works on different firmware versions. When you jailbreak these devices, you will be able to download and use non-Apple authorized applications. The jailbreaking process will hack into your device and install Cydia, a third party app installer.

The process is perfectly legal as of mid 2010 and you don’t have to worry about breaking the law. It will void your device’s warranty though. If you’ve had your devices for years and you warranty has already expired, then this doesn’t really matter. Even if your warranty is still valid, there’s still a way to having your cake and eating it too. Jailbreaking is completely reversible, and once you reverse it, no one, not even Apple’s employees, will now that the device was once jailbroken. You’ll still be able to claim your warranty if you need to.

There are several jailbreak programs that are readily available on the internet but not all of them will deliver the same results. Some of them are tethered while others are untethered. Choose the later one because it will be more convenient for you. You wouldn’t need to jailbreak your device every time it gets turned off. With this is mind, be sure to do some reading on the program you want to use.

The Jailbreak Process

Jailbreaking an iPhone and an iPod Touch are generally the same and the process will depend on the program you will use. If the program you chose is trustworthy, then the jailbreak process is going to be easy. Generally, here is what you will need to do.

1. Download the jailbreak program from the internet and on to your computer.

2. If your device isn’t on iOS 4.1, download the firmware IPSW file as well.

3. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer using a USB cord.

4. Run the program and follow its step-by-step instructions.

5. Place your phone in Recovery or DFU Mode by pressing the Home and Power buttons exactly as how the program instructs you to.

6. Once you are on this mode, you will see the program’s logo on your device’s screen. Just wait or the program to completely finish the jailbreak process. It will tell you when it is done.

7. Go to your device’s SpringBoard and install Cydia.

8. Restart you iPod Touch once Cydia has been installed. You can now access it and enjoy all the third party apps you want.

Using the Ultimate Jailbreak Program

The jailbreak industry is becoming bigger and more programs are popping out; however, not all of these programs are reliable and effective. You need to make the right choice with the jailbreak program you download. The best way to be sure about your decision is to download the ultimate jailbreak program. This program will let you jailbreak any iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad unit easily and safely. It works on all firmware versions, not just on iOS 4.1.  You can even use as often as you need to without paying for it again and again. Included in the program are lifetime updates, customer support and membership privileges.

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Now that jailbreak is legal and attracting more customers, jailbreak programs are constantly popping out in the market. If you want to jailbreak Apple devices, whether it’s an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad, it’s easy. All you need is the right program to do it for you, so look for one that’s 100% safe and effective.

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Effective Means For iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2

Do you want to know the effective means for iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2?  If you have successfully accomplished the process of jailbreaking your iPad you are entitled to the limitless freedom of your iPad capabilities. So, do you really want to fully enjoy the more enhanced benefits of your iPad? If yes, then this will be the perfect time for you to read and digest this article.

The increasing demands for answers about the effective and safe way for iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2 have finally come to its halt. Techie lovers do love to use the powerful features of their gadgets. Yeah, people will simply agree with this logic: gadgets are for maximum benefits; therefore you need to maximize its features to attain and enjoy its maximum benefits. But, your iPod touch will be fully maximized only if you have successfully done the jailbreaking process. There are many powerful features that you will enjoy if you have your iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2. This will unlock the limit of your gadget and will allow you to enter the more exciting horizon of the gadget world with your iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2. Due to this increasing demand, techie geeks and the gadget world have responded to the call. However, iPod users need to secure the safe and effective means in jailbreaking their iPod or else they will surely loose their chances of enjoying the maximize features of their apple gadget.

What Is iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2?

This is the process in which iPod users will be able to enjoy the unlocked capabilities of their iPods. Thus, they will be having the access to variety of apps through the direct access of the third party software called the Cydia installer. This will connect them to the apps store and will acquire some of the apps for free. Therefore, they have all the chances of enhancing and personalizing their iPod to the bones that will suit their personality. However, they will not loose their option to acquire their desired apps from Apple apps store through spending their investment. But, they must be aware also that jailbreaking their iPod will require their careful planning in choosing the means to jailbreak their iPod 4.0.2.

iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2 – The Trial And Error Method

Of truth, there is no single fact that is dated or recorded that will suit this method. If you will surely search the net, you will just end up on surfing the methods on iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2 with the use of some software guides. However, you are not deprived of your freedom to entertain your curiosity to explore it by your own. But take this warning that you are surely deprived of blaming others if some unfavorable things will happen. Be a man enough to take the responsibility on your own. On the contrary, you are not judge as coward if you will not try your own way without using any software to jailbreak and unlock your iPod 4.0.2, but you will be counted as one of the wise men. If you have your iPod, you are blessed enough to have it. Not all of the people have that highly desired gadget, so you must give importance to your gadget. This can be called the trial and error method, because if you will try this you will surely get the ERROR results and lost your gadget. Why not try the safest way?

iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2 – The Sure Way To Your Success

This will be the wisest way that you should consider in jailbreaking your iPod 4.0.2. You will not need to sweat and intertwined your brain nerves on discovering things like the manual way. You can do it by yourself without calling some techie geeks. Here are the steps:

Make sure that you have updated your latest firmware with the downloaded file through iTunes 9.2.1

  • Download the software that you will use to jailbreak your iPhone 4.0.2 and run it.
  • Then, choose the “Install Cydia” option. But make sure that you have turned OFF and have plugged in your iPhone into your computer before you will click the Next option.
  • After that, set your iPhone into its recovery mode. To do this, you need to press continuously the power and the home buttons.
  • Wait for several seconds before releasing the Power button only. The home button will be released if the installation process will start.
  • Then, you can drink your coffee and relax. Let the software do the jailbreaking process of your iPhone 4.0.2

So, which do you think is favorable for you? If you are wise enough to choose the most effective way, then why not visit: iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2 Software?

You will be assured that you will enjoy the maximum benefits of your iPod without loosing anything from your iPod 4.0.2. Navigate this way for iPod 4.0.2 freedom, visit: iPod Touch Jailbreak 4.0.2.


Automatic Software to iPod Touch Jailbreak 3.1.3 Successfully

Looking for iPod touch jailbreak 3.1.3 software? Do you think that your old iPod touch is getting left behind? With all these new gadgets coming up, some of us might seriously worry too. But you know what? There is no reason to worry anymore. The iPod touch is considered to be one of the most useful gadgets around, and thanks to the gods of technology, it can now be further enhanced. Jailbreaking you iPod touch would solve all your problems. That is the reason why ipod touch jailbreak 3.1.3 is one of the top keyword searches in popular search engines.

Jailbreaking your iPod Touch is not hard. It would be most useful however to learn more about jailbreaking before you dive into the process.

Basics of Jailbreaking

Some people consider jailbreaking as a hack, and would not go even 10 feet of it. Now let us get something straight here.. jailbreaking is not a hack. Well, it is not one now. It was made legal as of 2010. Apple did not argue with the legalities when it came to jailbreaking your device, however, they state that it will void your warranty. This affects all Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and your iPod Touch.

Moving on, the following would be what you would need in order for you to jailbreak your device:

  • A computer or laptop
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • Device USB cable
  • iPod Touch jailbreak software

How to Effectively Jailbreak your iPod Touch

The following would be some of the most basic instructions people should not overlook when attempting to jailbreak their iPods:

1. Do not upgrade your device yet. If you device is already upgraded, it would do you good if you could back it up prior to jailbreaking. This way, you would still be able to use your upgrades afterwards.

2. Connect your device into your computer and back-up all your media files. You only have to click on “Transfer Purchases” on your iPod to transfer your files.

3. Use a stable internet connection so that you would not encounter errors while initiating the jailbreaking process.

4. Disconnect your device from your computer and go to Safari via the home screen. Look for the jailbreaking software that you have downloaded and click.

5. Follow the instructions to the letter and once you are done, you are good to go.

Once everything is done, you may now transfer all your media files back to your iPod. If you feel like you need more information on how to go about jailbreaking your iPod, there are a lot of video tutorial and walkthroughs that are even more detailed than this one.

When none of those seem to be working, you may need to purchase another jailbreaking software. This is the reason why you must make sure that the application that you download is reliable and legitimate. If you are unlucky enough to get your hands on the wrong ones, you might just actually destroy your iPod.

Using the most reliable iPod Jailbreak software

Why don’t you make your life easier and save yourself the hassle of worrying about destroying your iPod, and just go and get the best software available in the market? You will no longer need to do all the upgrade backups because this application works on all versions, and that means all iPod Touch models. And on top of that, it also works on all models of the iPhone and the iPads. It is like getting an all-in-one software, and definitely worth the buck in my opinion.

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Technical knowledge is not necessary to know how to work these things. The instructions are very simple, and anybody with a knack for following simple instructions would be able to do it. But wait, there is more! When you purchase the software, it also comes with a free membership, customer support and free updates!

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